Systemic and Family Solutions


Join a workshop online or in Brussels

Online Workshops

Discover the world of virtual constellations and connect with us through videoconference.

Our online workshops take place at a time that is compatible with European and American timezones. Whether you’re calling in from São Paulo, California, Paris or Dubai, you’re welcome to join.

We use a virtual reality application and Google Meet to create a unique online experience.

Workshops in Brussels

Join our circle for a morning or a full day of constellations.

Join a workshop in Brussels and work on a personal issue, or be part of the circle. We like to work in smaller, intimate groups, so spots are limited.

“It’s been my second time at Cecilia’s constellation workshop and it’s been even more powerful than the first. The more I try her method, the clearer I can see within me. Emotional issues on which I’ve always had been in the dark have arisen to my consciousness and now I’m finally able to work on them. I feel so relieved…it’s difficult to describe it with words so I strongly recommend you to try and see by yourselves…Cecilia is a high qualified therapist and her approach is very sensitive and insightful indeed. Thanks for your work and looking forward to the next!!”


“Very powerful workshop. Helped me heal my family’s beliefs about money that were sabotaging my relationship with money. To do Family Constellation with Cecilia for me has been a great experience.”


“Had I had the opportunity to be in Monet’s or Modigliani’s studio on a brilliant, sun drenched afternoon watching them paint, I would have witnessed something extraordinary. Such was my experience watching Cecilia paint beautiful life canvases with our training group this weekend. Profound.”

William L. Mannle

“I appreciate Cecilia’s capacity to tap into the strength of keeping the process (seemingly) simple, rational and well-targeted. She has a great sensitivity of adjusting the pace to the client\\’s tempo. Thus the client has the time and a well-contained, safe space to experience healing shifts without getting hijacked by, sometimes strong, emotions. Having done with her individual sessions as well as group workshops, I can warmly recommend both.”


“After a month of what seemed to be a struggle And complete disconnection with myself, I came to a workshop. Thank you so much! I could witness and experience a genuine quality of caring from Cecilia. What we experienced during the workshop took me straight beck to my heart and soul. Also there is so much more I want to convey that seem so hard with words. Also my courage and compassion towards others and myself have grown thanks to the work.”

Mia Schmallenbac