Advanced Online Family Constellations Training

Disclaimer: This training is currently not available. If you are looking for an online constellations training, see what we have on offer.

Have you ever wondered how to do online family constellations? Maybe you have experienced one-on-one sessions on Skype or by phone. Yet, so much more is possible. Do you wish to improve your skills to work remotely? Or do you want to know how to do online family constellations in group setting? This online family constellations training teaches you this, and much more!

Who is this Online Family Constellations Training for?

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If you have at least some background in family constellations, then this training is ideal for you. For example, if you’re starting out as a facilitator or you’re looking to expand your skillset, you’ll fit right in! However, if you’re new to constellations and you wish to learn how to facilitate, check out this training instead.

Intensive 5-Module Learning Track

The online family constellations training covers 5 modules. Each module lasts four hours, specifically, from 3 pm to 7 pm Central European Time. The intensive runs for three consecutive weekends, starting at the end of April. You will learn everything you need to become an online facilitator. First, you start by learning how to present yourself online and what tools to use. Then, you’ll learn how to adapt the techniques of family constellations perfectly to the online setting. Finally, you will know perfectly how to guide an online family constellation in group and individual setting.

  • First Module – Sunday, July 12th – Going Online:
    • Create your online presence.
    • Pick the right tools.
  • Second Module – Foundations of Online Family Constellations:
    • Online grounding techniques.
    • Therapeutic interview.
    • Tracing the family tree.
  • Third Module – Online Tools and Interventions:
    • Interventions with movements.
    • Practice online tools.
  • Fourth Module – Constellating in the Mind’s Eye:
    • Demonstrations of constellations in the mind’s eye.
    • Practice of constellations in the mind’s eye.
  • Fifth Module – Guiding Groups to Healing:
    • Guided systemic constellations in groups.
    • Healing interrupted-reaching-out-movement.
    • Healing Exclusion in Family System.

Meet Your Facilitator

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Cecilia Altieri has been training the new generation of facilitators since 2012. Moreover, as an international teacher, she has broad experience with online family constellations. Because many of you asked us how to do family constellations online, this is the perfect moment for this intensive. In case you would like to read more about Cecilia’s background, here’s her bio. If you wish to see her in action, then you can have a look at upcoming workshops.


“Cecilia’s intensive completely blew me away. The organization was seamless, the curriculum answered all my questions and took away my doubts. We learned so many different ways how to work online, it truly enhances the method. Family Constellations just work online. I am really amazed as my expectations have been totally surpassed. The group of trainees was wonderful, such a safe place full of learning, trust and caring!”

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Register to the Online Family Constellations Training

Start your registration by filling in the form below. The fee to join all five modules is €395, (€79/module). Because places are limited, they are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. If you have any questions, just drop us a line.