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“Had I had the opportunity to be in Monet’s or Modigliani’s studio on a brilliant, sun drenched afternoon watching them paint, I would have witnessed something extraordinary. Such was my experience watching Cecilia paint beautiful life canvases with our training group this weekend. Profound.”

William L. Mannle

“It’s been my second time at Cecilia’s constellation workshop and it’s been even more powerful than the first. The more I try her method, the clearer I can see within me. Emotional issues on which I’ve always had been in the dark have arisen to my consciousness and now I’m finally able to work on them. I feel so relieved…it’s difficult to describe it with words so I strongly recommend you to try and see by yourselves…Cecilia is a high qualified therapist and her approach is very sensitive and insightful indeed. Thanks for your work and looking forward to the next!!”

-Ursula Franke Bryson

“Thank you Cecilia for a fantastic constellations workshop this past weekend. By sharing your clarity, creativity, and wisdom, you created space where magic happened. You are a gifted facilitator and a wonderful woman.”

-J. Edward Lynch

“I had an amazing experience with Cecilia in the Online Training about Systemic and Family Constellations! Her professionalism together with her big experience on Online Constellations created a safe space for me to explore further this topic. She was very well organised, explicit about everything, communicative, giving lots of knowledge and ideas about how to work online, sharing and being comprehensive.

But, on top of that, her generous approach and the respect for the client gave room for a safe exploration on issues and were treated with care. The balance among technical things, theory and therapeutic work makes this online training a great opportunity to attend! I learned a great deal and I strongly recommend it! Thank you so much Cecilia for bringing us all together, from different continents, sharing your valuable experience with us and supporting us all the way through the end.”

“Before, family constellations always seemed mysterious, powerful … almost sacred. The way Cecilia teaches constellations is masterful. She is extremely well organised and teaches with clarity, curiosity and empathy. Module by module Cecilia opened up the world of systemic thinking and shared its secrets. She balances theory and practice in harmony and allows everyone to learn at their own pace. The training group has quickly become a safe haven for me that I look forward to every month. As I facilitated my first constellation recently, I am super excited and grateful. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to incorporate family constellations in their practice or daily life. It is a journey well worth taking.”

– Simon


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Family Constellations Explained



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Trauma-Informed Therapy



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A Systemic Perspective



Systemic thinking and systemic constellations go beyond the family. Read here how we apply systemic thinking to bring out the best in our lives.


The History of Family Constellations


Discover the women and men who laid the foundations of family constellations.


About Systemic and Family Solutions


Founded in 2012, Systemic and Family Solutions focuses on bringing client-centred mental health care.


Cecilia About Home

About Cecilia

Cecilia has a passion for everything psychology and neuroscience. She is always learning and looking for new methods to better help her clients. Cecilia has a gentle presence and makes you feel at home in the circle or in her practice.

In her therapy, she applies trauma therapy, client-centred therapy, systemic therapy and sound therapy.

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