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“I believe we all deserve to be seen and recognised without being judged. We are much more than what is seen at first glance and often, the forces that motivate us are greater than we are and transcend us. I believe we deserve respect, for our different rhythms and  what we find possible at every moment. If we knew how to behave differently, we would. We as individuals need respect for our history and the stories we tell, because they are also true.”


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Cecilia has a passion for everything psychology and neuroscience. She is always learning and looking for new methods to better help her clients. Cecilia has a gentle presence and makes you feel at home in the circle or in her practice.
In her therapy, she applies trauma therapy, client-centred therapy, systemic therapy and sound therapy.
Educational Background

Cecilia Altieri has a Diploma in Coaching from the University of Cambridge, UK. She has studied Medicine and Psychology at UROU, Uruguay and UNED, Spain. Cecilia received training in Family, Phenomenological and Systemic Constellations in Spain with Joan Garriga Bacardi. She further trained in Germany with Dr. Ursula Franke-Bryson and Thomas Bryson; an Institute acknowledged by the DGfS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Systemaufstellungen). In addition, she has completed trainings in Client-Centered Therapy, Trauma therapy, Sound Therapy and others.


Cecilia Altieri has been a therapist for over a decade. Her career has brought her to give workshops, seminars and teach across Europe, the US, and South America. Since 2016 she has been leading the training in Systemic and Family Constellations in Brussels.


Cecilia has trained in transformational and systemic coaching and holds a Diploma in coaching from the University of Cambridge, UK. Cecilia is an international executive coach who empowers leaders to become the best version of themselves. Through her unique approach of systemic thinking and psychology-informed coaching, she offers executives an authentic and comprehensive path to self-development.

Systemic Facilitator

Cecilia’s way of working is gentle and creates a graceful atmosphere and strong presence. Her focus is always on the client first. She places a lot of emphasis on creating a safe environment. Often, people feel like arriving home in the circle. As a facilitator, Cecilia follows different schools of family constellations. She uses tools and methods from family constellations, structural constellations, inner parts, the internal family and much more.

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